Why should you join the National Real Estate Referral Network

There are plenty of sites for advertising properties, advertising yourself, or as a consumer finding a Real Estate Agent. The National Real Estate Referral Network is the worldwide network of Top-Producing Real Estate Agents, where Top-Producing Real Estate Agents go to select other Top-Producers for their valued clients.

Directory Requirements and Benefits

Requirements: Membership is open to Licensed Real Estate agents and brokers in the United States, Canada and USVI . Members must have access to the Internet, their own top level domain website, and be able to submit a list of 3 references that they have done a transaction with in the past year. These references are not published on our website. They will remain on file in the event a prospective buyer or seller wishes to speak to or email them. Your permission is always asked prior to us giving out this information.

The maximim number of cities is 10! Not 6 cities or less like some of the other sub-domain Referral Networks.

The on-line directory is updated daily to insure accuracy.

Access to our directory is open to Real Estate Agents as well as the public.

Benefits: Members receive a listing in our directory for one year, two years, or they may choose the Lifetime Plan with
the option of renewing their membership annually.

Members do not pay any referral fees to us!
All referral fees are handled between the agents and their offices.

Real Estate Agents typically collect a 20-30% referral from the referring Real Estate Agent.

We also send out numerous referrals from our Corporate Offices per year. If you are not a member, you won't get the Referral.

While other sites rely only on search engines to draw both Real Estate Agents and buyers & sellers to their sites, the National Real Estate Referral Network advertises regularly several Real Estate related magazines
and other Real Estate publications/periodicals in addition to being linked to over 39,000 search engines!

NEW We are now partners with the LinkedRE.com Real Estate Network.

Members can trust the National Real Estate Referral Network as having accurate information and that only the elite of the Real Estate business are listed in our directory. Some other Referral directories let anyone join. We require at least 3 references from each Real Estate Agents who registers with us, and all members state how many closings they have had over the past 3 years, ensuring confidence with the referring Agent. We are linked to all major search engines, for maximum exposure with buyers and sellers. We also have reciprocal links with several dozen National and Regional Real Estate companies as well.

Cost of Directory Listings

All Plans include registration in 10 Cities in the State you are Licensed in.

  • Annual cost is only $25

  • Join our 2 Year Plan here for only $35

  • Join our Lifetime Plan here and be placed as the top agent for each city that you do business in for only$98

    Your Directory listings will be added within 48 hours of credit card authorization.

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